Supported Formats:

High Res PDF recommended
PDF/X-1a (CMYK, fonts outlined or as curves)
Adobe Illustrator
CS or lower, saved as EPS with fonts outlined.
Adobe Photoshop
Completed artwork saved as flattened EPS, TIFF or PDF. (fonts outlined or as curves)
Placeable EPS (fonts outlined or as curves) 
Formats not listed above (e.g. Word, Excel, Publisher, CorelDraw, etc.) are not supported unless first converted to high-res PDF/X-1a or EPS.

Supplied File Specifications:

File size at 100% of print size.
All images at a resolution of 400 dpi 
(300 dpi min.)

Margins and Bleeds
- Crops included and offset at .125” minimum
- Bleed required to be .125” minimum
- Depending on the artwork being sent, set margins to .125” (min recommended)
Margin Examples:
Business cards .125” (min) .25” (recommended)
Brochures .25” (min) .375” (recommended)
Posters .375” (min) .5” (recommended) 

File Uploading:

If you have multiple files, before uploading your artwork, please compress all files into a single archive using file compression software such as WinZip®. PDF files do not need to be compressed.

The filename of your archive should not contain any slashes (/), spaces, commas, question marks (?) or ampersands (&). Underscores (_) and hyphens (-) are allowed. Please limit your filenames to 28 characters or less.



CSC Prepress Department is PC based. Please ensure that all of your submissions are PC compatible.

Please note:

  • CSC assumes all digital art submissions are press ready.
  • CSC does not proofread art submitted in digital format.
  • Convert all screen and printer fonts to curves.
  • Ensure that all color images are in CMYK color space or SWOP.
  • If you are printing in full colour (CMYK), do not use Spot or Pantone colors, as color shifting may occur. Any Pantone or Spot colors will be mass converted by a software utility to CMYK and may not match your intended results.
  • Ensure that all images/logos have a resolution greater than 300dpi (preferred resolution: 400dpi).
  • The file name should make reference to the name of the print client name and date (e.g. ABCcompany_yyyymm.pdf).
  • Knockouts and color trapping are the responsibility of the submitter.