Please visit: www.CreativeSolutionsCanada.ca/portal

Sign in with your login information, or click "Forgot Password". At the bottom of your invoices will state the email address that we have on file for your account.

From your Client Portal, click "Invoices".

Review your invoice by clicking "View".

Check off the invoices you would like to pay and the total will automatically update, along with your Memo on which invoices are paid.

You also have the option to set your own amount and enter your own Memo.

The Memo is a note just for your records.

Click either PayPal or Credit Card.

Fill in your Billing Information and Credit Card information. If you wish to keep this on-file for future orders, check the "Keep this card on file..." checkbox. (You will not see the full credit card information for cards that are stored)

Click "Submit Payment"

You will receive an email from "Canadian Shopping Centre" (CSC, a division of Creative Solutions Canada) with your payment confirmation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.