As such, QR codes make your print advertisement, posters, brochures and other printed marketing collaterals more interactive and more easily remembered!

It used to be that QR codes are monochromatic: black pixels and boxes on white background. These codes are automatically created by QR code generators and cannot be modified without affecting scanability.

This did not create the best impression, especially if you pair it off with vibrant and colourful marketing materials.

Introducing Custom QR Codes: Beautiful Designs that Work!

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CSC gives you the elegance, sparkle and glamour of a colourful, attractively designed QR code that is still very much readable.


We are design professionals who know what makes a QR code, so we can fine-tune the conventional black and white image and still conform to QR code standards. Our team of design experts deliver an attractive design, incorporating your logo, message or brand.