Creative Solutions Canada offers our Online Digital Flip Publications which is an enhanced digital magazine, brochure, catalogue or publication presented for your website viewers in a flip-page format.


Get your publication online!

 This unique solution builds your brand, increases your readership, advertising base and profitability and adds to the look of your website presence.

The Online Digital Flipping Book does not require your viewers to download and install any additional software. Viewers access the publication through their Internet browser and the standard Flash plug-in present in almost all enabled computers.

Our clients are successful in building their brand and presenting their businesses in the most professional manner possible. As we concentrate on the next generation of websites, our Online Digital Flip Publication is a perfect addition to your website presence.

Some of the features of the publication are:

  • Full service and professional Online Flipping Publication
  • Users browse and turn pages in a book layout format by clicking the corners with ease or dragging a page as they wish to control it.
  • Real menu navigation just like reading a print version
  • Zoom in on any page
  • Many levels of the product to choose from depending on your specific needs, frequency of changing your magazine and budget considerations
  • Easily accessible with current website browsers while no special software downloads are required
  • Easily created pages from JPG or PDF formats